Thy Will, Not Mine



To what is He calling you?

Thy Will  by Hillary Scott…
I’d heard this song before and thought it was pretty. I’ve heard some say the radio stations are running it into the ground by playing it so much. But then today… today a friend sent it to me, knowing I am struggling, and it’s like I heard it for the first time. It completely undid me. Especially the first part.
It’s as though it could have been written about my questions and feelings regarding our adoption 13 years ago and all that has happened in consequence of our obedience: the tremendous joy of precious children to love and give back to the Lord, as well as indescribable sorrow. It’s a story that we’re still living and processing. For years we’ve been stuffing it and suffering alone, keeping on keeping on and it’s starting to take a toll.
In the meantime, this little bit of letting out is helping ever so slightly with our healing. So will you allow us some of that and just give us grace and time for the healing to begin ever so slowly. Fast is too painful. We have to let it come at God’s pace, while protecting others involved, as He knows best what we can all handle. And will you just keep praying for us?
Of course, there’s been much joy alongside the grief. We can’t imagine our lives without these kids, especially the ones who do love us back and bring such happiness to our family. But even they bring tough issues and baggage.
So yeah, we’ve wondered, “Did we hear you wrongly, God? Surely we did, because this couldn’t possibly be what you had in mind for our family when You led us to adopt. I mean, all we wanted was a bigger family, more kids to love. But what we got was a lifelong ministry. And yet we know we did hear You correctly and this IS Your will for us, because it’s not about us. It’s all about You. Your plan, our growth, Your kingdom, Your family, not ours. It’s about trust and sacrifice and doing it all over again just because it’s another circumstance that brings us to our knees and closer to You than we ever would have been had we not answered Your call. For that reason alone, yes Father, we’d do it again. Thy Will Be Done.”

To what is He calling you?

“Thy Will” is the first single by Hillary Scott (of Lady Antebellum) and the Scott Family, off their upcoming new album Love Remains. Download “Thy Will” now…

2 thoughts on “Thy Will, Not Mine

  1. Once again. Beautiful. Real and raw and beautiful.
    Sure, anyone can SAY THY WILL BE DONE… And perhaps they do mean it. I mean I’m sure they do. But to have said it in the past and lived out ALL that it meant and to STILL say it. To say it AGAIN!!! That my precious sister in Christ, my family by marriage and my sweet friend by choice… THAT is REAL.
    THAT is RAW! THAT is beautiful. Inspiring. That is love. That is honor. That is obedience to Him. Not because it’s all sunshine, fairy dust and rose. Oh contraire!!! BECAUSE it’s KNOWING that THY WILL BE DONE comes with PAIN! With TRIALS!! With SUFFERING!!!
    And yet you would say it again. You do say it again. You’re still saying it.
    THAT is AWEsome.
    You my dear will one day hear those long awaited words … WELL DONE!
    My good and FAITHFUL servant. Not for your perfection. But for your persevering obedience!!!
    And for the example you were you are to His.

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